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Here is a beautiful new electro-pop remix of London-based artist Lucy Mason‘s ‘Runway‘ by NICOLAAS.

Following on from the release of her single ‘XO‘, Runway saw Lucy explore relationships through her pleasingly vocal heavy anthem.

Speaking on the creation of the remix, Lucy explains how she has “always loved working alongside Rob (NICOLAAS) and although” they had “never met in person” they seemed “to completely understand each other musically.”

“I am in love with his remix of ‘Runway’ and I’ve always felt so lucky to be able to work together. I’m looking forward to whatever we create next!” — Lucy Mason

The fact this track is so simple in terms of instrumentals and soothing synths throughout its runtime make this for an enjoyable track.

For comparisons sake, you find Lucy Mason’s original 2018 single below, which is much more slower than NICOLAAS’ take on pop anthem, and the original also offers more of a personal experience and acoustic atmosphere for the listener.

I do not know much about Lucy Mason, however, after hearing this brand new remxix and collaboration of her original single I would like to go through her back catalogue and discover more of her music. Lucy Mason has yet to be featured on Eat This Music, however, with tracks like Runway, there is no doubt you will hear more of her in the future.

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