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Eleanor Jacks is an indie-pop singer/songwriter out of Sydney and her brand new single ‘Blue‘ showcases a couple of things: 1) her incredible vocal range, which I found to be deep and powerful and 2) the single is used as a platform for Eleanor to explore the story of anxiety and the lack of mutual feelings in a relationship.

Speaking on the release of the single, Eleanor explains how she “wrote the lyric [Blue] to this after experiencing the start of a relationship that” she “thought could have gone somewhere but the other person wasn’t in it for the same reasons” she “was.”

“I was interstate with this person and despite wanting this to work, I felt completely alone and within this particular situation, extremely anxious.” — Eleanor on Blue

“There is also a slight turnaround in the last chorus lyrically which appears to signal that I’m done with it but the reality is, you never are. These experiences shape us but they never completely leave us,” Eleanor concludes.

Following on from the release of her previous – and so far only other single of 2019 – ‘I’m Drunk and I Love You‘, Eleanor has put together a solid single that not only showcases the aforementioned, but also gives Eleanor more than enough time to enhance her proficiency within the indie/pop world of music she has a lot yet to explore.

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