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VenessaMichaels is brilliant and I like her a lot. Having first discovered her music with the release of VenessaMichaels’ four-track EP ‘Flight‘ in 2018, the electro-pop producer/songwriter artist out of Los Angeles made me an instant fan. However, you can read about why I was hooked by VenessaMichaels’ music in the review.

Since the release of her EP, VenessaMichaels has been working hard on new material and collaborating with great talent. Earlier in 2019 VenessaMichaels released her smash hit ‘Sucker Punch‘ to solid acclaim, and today continues that trend with her brand new single ‘Bonona‘, a fun, bouncy party pop anthem about enjoying the summer with friends.

One of the friends in this case is long time collaborator, co-writer and feature artist of the single, Effy.

Speaking on the creation of the single, VenessaMichaels explains how she and Effy “had so much fun making this track together,” you can even “hear it in the music.”

“We [VenessaMichaels & Effy] already wrote a treatment for a music video so keep your eyes n ears peeled for that shit.” — VenessaMichaels

“I don’t actually like bonona ice cream, but this song makes me wanna give it a second chance,” Effy adds.

The simplicity of the single and recurring lyrics, bright pop vibes and the collaborative vocal exchange between VenessaMichaels and Effy make this an enjoyable track and another soothing additional to VenessaMichaels’ stable of tracks.

Stay tuned for more news on the music video as it becomes available.

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