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Dude York‘s third studio album has been released today via the folks over at Hardly Art. To say this is a sublime album would be an understatement. Dude York’s “Falling” is a collective assortment of feelings, consistent and persistent vibes of alternative rock goodness.

Featuring tracks like “Unexpected“, “How It Goes“, “Let Down” and “I’m the 1 4 U“, three-piece out of Seattle, Washington, have put together a solid 13-track album.

Having already given fans a taste of what was to come off the album with the releases of “Box“, “Should’ve” and one of the lead single’s “Falling“, Peter, Claire and Andrew have put together a great follow-up to their 2017 releases “Halftime for the Holidays” and “Sincerely“.

Speaking on the creation of the album, Claire from Dude York explains how there “are two ways things can fall”, one “can fall and be ruined” or they “can fall gently like a feather and be fine.” The latter of the quote is essentially about their brand new album is about, exploring ways you can fall in and out of relationships and fall back together.

Dude York is one of my favourite bands going around today and deserve as much exposure as possible. Have a listen to their album above and check out the rest of their catalogue.

Dude York’s “Falling” is now out through Hardly Art and available via all the usual streaming platforms.

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