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Perto is one of the best new producers within the Australian music scene right now and if ‘Bad Maybe Good‘ is any indication of what Perto can continue to offer the music world then the 17-year-old Australian native has one heck of a bright future.

Following on from the release of Perto’s collaboration with Dani Poppitt on the release of ‘Gone‘, Perto has teamed up with New York artist Kah-Lo in this brand new electro hip-pop anthem, Bad Maybe Good.

With the song only coming into existence a couple of months ago when “Kah-Lo was on tour in Sydney with Riton”, Perto’s “team said she was down to do a session, and” he “was like, “What!”” So they “ended up getting into the studio and it all happened in two hours.”

“That song came out so quickly. It was a crazy dynamic that day,” Perto expresses.

Going into detail about the collaborative effort between the two, Kah-Lo chimmed in with how talented Perto is, with the artist only making “the beat in 5 minutes, and that’s hardly an exaggeration”, Kah-Lo explains.

“I wrote Bad Maybe Good about when you know a person isn’t exactly right for you, but you go along anyway.

“I’d say it’s kind of the foundation of most casual relationships, and I wasn’t hearing a lot of songs that acknowledged that.” Kah-Lo concludes


Friday, 27th September – Catani Gardens, Melbourne
Saturday, 28th September – Brisbane Showgrounds, Brisbane
Sunday, 29th September – HBF Arena, Perth
Saturday, 5th October – Centennial Park, Sydney

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