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Bryony Dunn is a pop artist out of the UK and today sees the release of her brand new single ‘L.O.V.E.R.S‘, a song all about “preferring the idea of a hook up to an actual hook up”, Bryony explained to Eat This Music in a recent chat. Oh, and when you’re not singing along – to the catchy name of the single – you might actually miss the single is actually also about “the beauty in the feeling desire”.

Following on from the release of Bryony’s 2018 four-track EP, ‘Full Bloom‘, Bryony has put together a single that doesn’t have a deeper meaning than you typical pop anthem, telling Eat This Music, how the single is “more of a fun song than a meaningful one”.

Going into detail about the collaborative creative process of her new single ‘L.O.V.E.R.S’, Bryony explains how she “had some music friends staying in the holiday cottages near” her “house to write and be merry,” including “Luke Moseley” and herself, who “were writing together one day” as Bryony “had half the lyrics already” and the both of them “just fell into the track,” with “Luke finding some really awesome synths and beats and both creating the word ‘parallelogramic’.”

“I love making music and especially being bold taking risks with sounds like we did here. It’s been awesome jumping out of my comfort zone into this new sound. And performing it is really empowering.”

“The verse lyrics just came to me on a train ride I think. Then once you’ve started something it’s always there itching to be finished,” Byrony continues.

2019 looks to be a big year for Byrony Dunn as she is “working on a new project at the moment” which she hopes will start showing its face by Summer; and Byrony also has “lots of gigs” and “a brief stint busking at the Edinburgh fringe”, and also more “writing and recording!”

“My dog is my best friend, I am the queen of a Spotify playlist and if you come and watch me performing you can expect glitter, fresh dance moves, pop bangers and the most talented twins you’ve ever seen (to clarify my band are twins I am not a twin).”


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