Sunscreen explore invasion of privacy and feelings of desire to escape in their new single ‘High Over Love’

As someone that lives in Sydney, this brand new single and music video from Sydney’s Sunscreen touches close to an experience I – and many others – have to deal with every single day… the daily dreadful commute into the Sydney CBD (Central Business District).

Coming off the release of Sunscreen’s forthcoming second EP, the Sydney four-piece have put together a video for their brand new single ‘High Over Love‘, that not only showcases the vast array of sights that Sydney has to offer, but also a video that also gives the band the opportunity to explore “the concepts of an invasion of privacy, and feelings of desire to escape”, explains Sunscreen’s frontwoman, singer and guitarist.

Going into the detail as to why Sydney is the centrepiece of the brand new music video, the music video’s director Madeline explains how they “didn’t want to venture into a fantasy music video world”, and how “the band wanted to make something unapologetically Sydney.”

“The video is awash with nostalgia immediately, I think because of the rarity of the shooting style and performance.”

On the aesthetics of the video, Madeline details how they “spent all day on trains: just the band,” herself, “the shooter Ash Pepper and a camcorder,” with no additional lights or tripod.

“As the hours went by, the comfort of such familiar liminal spaces – stations, carriages – really emerged,” Madeline continues.

Following on from their 2017 EP, it is good to see Sunscreen continue to showcase their great soothing hook-rock, mixed with Sarah’s beautiful vocals.


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