Geowulf explore disappointment in their new single ‘He’s 31’

Following on from the release of their debut album ‘Great Big Blue‘, London via Australia’s Geowulf have given fans a second taste of what’s to come off their forthcoming album ‘My Resignation‘ with their brand new single ‘He’s 31‘, a bright, alternatively vocal-heavy pop anthem about trying “to balance expectations and disappointment” that “seems to have been a bit of a theme the last few years” for Geowulf’s front woman Star Kendrick.

Going into detail about the inspiration of the single, Star Kendrick explains how she this single is a “love song about disappointment.”

“When writing it I felt very raw & upset which I think comes through in the lyrics.”

“Music has always been that space for me; where you can take all your disappointments/expectations and then try to make something of them. Feel pretty lucky to have that,” Star Kendrick concludes.

After having released singles like ‘Drink Too Much‘ and ‘Hideaway‘, Geowulf are fast becoming one of my favourite acts going around.

Geowulf’s ‘My Resignation’ is due out for release Friday, October 25 and is now available for pre-order here.


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