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Following on from the release of her first single of 2019 – and nearly four years – Montreal-based pop artist Emi Jeen has given fans a taste of what’s to come off her forthcoming LP with the release of ‘West of the Blue‘, a song essentially about finding your own mythical paradise… the perfect postcard per se.

This is a simplistic single that not only offers a great mix of Emi’s fantastic vocals and recurring lyrics throughout, but the single also offers another recurring dose of smooth pop beats, drums, rattles, and a finely tuned nearly four minute long single that takes the listener on a journey to find “that perfectly written postcard that never made it to its destination,” explains Emi.

The single’s meaning as to where that perfect place is actually left up to the interpretation of the listener, so do not expect to be told where that place is within Emi’s single, however, what you can take away from the single is an anthem that works well hand-in-hand with her previous bright electro-pop single ‘State of Grace‘.

Emi is currently working on new music in the lead up to her forthcoming record, scheduled for release Fall 2019, stay tuned for more in the coming weeks as this is an artist worth keeping track of. Emi is an interesting artist with a lot of stories to tell and is not afraid of taking her time… as her first two singles came out in 2015 prior to the recent 2019 releases.


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