Lennixx on the creation of their sophomore six-track EP, ‘Split By’

Back on the 31st May 2019, Swedish pop duo Lennixx released their sophomore six-track EP ‘Split By‘, however, the first time I actually heard Lennixx was back in March, with the release of their single ‘Bad Bird‘, which got airplay on Eat This Music, alongside follow-up singles ‘Swimming‘ and the EP title track in June.

Now that the EP has been released, I wanted to get to know a little bit more about Hanna Larsson and Andrea Kallström, collectively known as ‘Lennixx’, and share with you what I learnt about them, like how Andrea and Hannah wanted to explore a “musical form of” themselves, or how Andrea and Hannah like to write a lot of material and work their way backwards, or why Andrea and Hannah want their lyrics to “strike a chord (excuse the pun!) with people”, and much more.

Following on from the release of their debut six-track EP ‘hapap’ in 2018, Andrea and Hannah had been working hard on a follow-up EP, which happen to turn into ‘Split By’. Since the release of hapap, Andrea and Hannah [Lennixx], had been constantly “in the studio, writing as much as possible, honing our craft, getting more involved in the production phase of the creative process” which had “been a huge learning curve” for the duo, explains Lennixx. However, Lennixx adds, “but so incredible to feel ourselves progressing and to bring that development forward to our new work.”

“Our second EP ‘Split By’ was just released, and we put out two singles before that, so our minds have been in promo mode for a while!”

“We’ve also played a lot of shows which has been an amazing part of releasing this new EP because we just love getting out on the road and connecting with the people that are listening to us,” Lennixx continues.

Speaking to Eat This Music on the inspiration and creation of Split By, Lennixx explains how while the EP is “so difficult to pinpoint one thing,” it is “really just a musical form of” themselves. Including “what inspires” them and what they “have been through both individually and as an artistic duo.”

Thematically though, the EP “deals with the full range of human emotions and relationships that we all experience – from the most toxic to the most incredible.” Lennixx “didn’t shy away from anything!”

Touching on the aforementioned above, Lennixx explain how they “felt it was important to release a body of work that shows how much” they had “developed” as artists, but they did not “feel ready to put out a full album” yet. Lennixx “love how the music industry has developed to be so centred around content and engaging with your listeners by releasing more regularly,” so Lennixx “felt it was time to put a bigger chunk of music out.”

“We knew we wanted to experiment a bit more with different sonics and production, but we still wanted every track to feel and sound like us… it’s a difficult balance but we felt an EP was the perfect way to do all of this.”

With that said, Lennixx explain how the EP is accessible enough to interest people for a longer period of time than just a single would” and “it also has enough space to show how dynamic” Andrea and Hannah “are as creatives.” Andrea and Hannah would like to believe “it gives people a taste of what lennixx is about before” they actually release an album.

Diving back into the creative process, Lennixx’s sophomore EP only features six tracks, however, there really isn’t an over-arching story to tell per se. On the six tracks, Lennixx noted how they “wrote so much” material “for this project”, they “literally – wrote and wrote and wrote”; which gave them a “lot of material to choose from, but” the six tracks that made the cut were their “absolute favourite songs and it felt like they all made sense together.”

If you would like to know what each song the EP is about, skip to the bottom where Lennixx have provided a breakdown of each single.

On the message of the EP though, Lennixx really hope “that the lyrics strike a chord (excuse the pun!) with people”, they “write so honestly” and dives into the “expression of” their “most personal experience” which can be “relatable to others.

With all that said, the remainder of 2019 still looks to be a big, progressive year for Andrea and Hannah as they are “focusing on touring” and “are doing a lot of shows this summer!” And Lennixx also plan to “travel some more outside of Sweden!”

“Hopefully this EP will live on for a while as we take it to different cities and audiences. Once that touring cycle comes to an end, we’ll be straight back to writing more.”

“We don’t want to over shine ‘Split By’ with any new music too soon, but it’s always on the horizon,” Lennixx add.

‘Split By’ breakdown

Split by: ’Split By’ is about being in an emotionally claustrophobic situation that you just can’t break out of. It deals with the toxicity of changing yourself for someone else and becoming someone you’re not just to satisfy someone else. Going back and forth for so long without getting any clean closure can make you so unsure of who you really are. It’s like being stuck in limbo.

Bloom: ’Bloom’ is about our friendship, or like any friendship in general. We are always there for each other, no matter what. True love and loyalty can be difficult to find, but it’s really special when you meet people that are supportive of you unconditionally. Especially in the hard times, sometimes we all need a shoulder to lean on.

Bad Bird: ‘Bad Bird’ is about a toxic relationship that has come to an end, where the person in question is overwhelmed by bitterness and can’t process the situation not ending how they imagined. Instead of dealing with it with maturity, they just try to turn everyone against you, make up dishonest rumours and talk badly about you. In the song, we reply with “I have my real friends who will always have my back, and I couldn’t care less what you have to say about me.”

Shiver: This is our way of claiming our own happiness, despite other people’s opinions. People will always have their own prejudices, preferences and judgments, and it can be unsettling if they voice them. It can be hard to separate right from wrong and to block out unnecessary negativity. But your morals and your heart are what’s really important. Even if you are undecided about your place or your purpose, you have to listen to what you really want to do in life and embrace that sense of certainty.

Swimming: It’s about knowing something isn’t good for you. We tried to keep the lyrics open for interpretation, because it’s so important that listeners are able to relate the music to their own lives – we don’t want any person or experience to be excluded. For us, it stemmed from the power of femininity and the need for us to break free from the status quo in order to transcend a society that is built for men.

Sunsets: It’s about the beginning of a relationship and a wholesome interpretation of specific events that might happen in that state.


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