Selci explores intense confrontation in her new single ‘Strangers’

Here is a slow building, moody anthem from Canadian electronic pop artist Selci. Coming off the release of Selci’s forthcoming debut EP ‘Effervescence‘, out August 28.

Strangers is a single “about an intense confrontation that” Selci “had with a past lover where” she “struggled to understand how it would never be the same.”

“I wrote the hook with a palpable slap of emotion to personify that drop in your chest when you see an old partner for the first time once it’s over.”

Expanding on the story of the single, Selci explains how it is additionally “about knowing someone—their mind, their body—so intimately” and “then having that overwhelming feeling that you no longer know them at all.”

Offering a mix of dream-pop and R&B, Selci has put together a solid offering of what is to come off her forthcoming five-track EP.


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