Janice Prix explore tragic events in their new single ‘Glitch’

Here is a great new track from Sweden-based indie-pop four-piece Janice Prix; the song is called ‘Glitch‘ and it is a song inspired by “tragic events taking place” in Janice Prix’s hometown of “Trollhättan in 2015,” explains the band.

Going into detail about the single, the band continue on about that faithful day, “where a man wearing a Darth Vader-esque mask killed students and teachers with a sword in racist attack.”

“The lyrics revolve around the thought process within the mind of an assailant right after an attack. We wanted the melodies and gloomy soundscape to emphasize the concept of eternity and life sentence.”

Following on from the release of Janice Prix’s previous politically charged single, “Walking“, Richard, Viktor, Victor and MK have put together a solid soothing pop anthem that not only touches on a real-world tragedy that affected many lives, but Janice Prix also bring their own style of music to the forefront of what they are trying to say as artists.

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