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If ‘Probably Crying‘ is anything to go off of, then Los Angeles’ Girl Wilde is one to watch in 2019; today sees the release of the first taste of what’s to come off her debut EP, due out later in 2019.

Following on from the release of Girl Wilde’s previous single ‘Nervous Breakdown‘, Probably Crying sees Girl Wilde explores more of her great mix of pop rock while also touching on the story “about owning” her own “emotional tendencies and trying to figure out where they come from.” explains Girl Wilde.

“Growing up I was deemed ‘overemotional’ (I can be). Like everyone else I have my own unique traumas, and working through them has been pretty painful.”

“There was a certain time in my life when I could only muster the energy to cry. My expectations for what life should be didn’t leave room for me to experience reality, and when I did, it almost seemed to hurt worse,” Girl Wilde continues. “I didn’t have the patience, or distance from my own emotions.”

Girl Wilde offers a great mix of pop rock, delicate vocals and lyrics – even if it does feature the line: “do you ever wonder if God is ever real, because everything is so fucked up.” – all wrapped within this simple three minute anthem.

Stay tuned for more releases closer to the release of her debut EP.


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