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LIANA is a twin sister act from Armenian/Turkish desent and I had the opportunity to hear their music for the first time when Lia and Lena released their debut EP ‘I’ll Rip Your Heart Out‘ back in 2016; since the release, Lia and Lena have been working hard on new music and releasing tastes of what they have to offer as a duo with ‘Psycho‘, ‘Take It All‘ and recently ‘All Night‘.

I recently had a chat to them about the single, which includes the story of rebirth, how their EP is coming along, what the two sisters have coming up in 2019 and more.

Why did you two want to tell the story of rebirth?

It’s actually quite a heavy loaded and yet beautiful story. As human beings we get so obsessed and caught up in our surroundings, thoughts and the materialistic side of our lives.
We end up in a pretty dark place and it gets very hard to find your way back into the light again.

You don’t realise that you’re losing grip and at some point you’re just not living anymore. We tend to overlook and forget what’s really important and to take a step back to just breathe again.

Because that what your seeking for, you shall never find, cause that what your seeking for, you don’t need to seek. It has always been there with you.

What was the inspiration behind the single?

When we write music it’s all inspired by our own emotions and memories. When I (Lia) wrote ‘Hurricane’ I was going through a dark time in my life, but I needed to get out of that place.
That’s how ‘Hurricane’ came to life. I realized that the most important thing is self love. Everything begins and ends with you, so what more could be important than embracing and loving yourself?

Unfortunately it’s a common subject, which is heartbreaking because we tend to be our own worst enemy.
At the same time though, it’s something that can be very beautiful that could help you become the person you’re meant to be.

How did you go about creating?

Usually I (Lena) write a guitar part or produce a little something that I think sounds worth working on and I asked Lia to listen to it.

She fell in love with it right away and came up with the melody quite quickly and then wrote the lyrics to it. Eventually both melody, lyrics and production melted together and it developed itself to what now is ‘Hurricane’.

How is the EP coming along?

We’re making big steps right now and really can’t wait for you to hear and feel our new stories.
What can listeners expect from the EP?
Our music is a reflection of what we’re going through and we have grown as individuals, but also together in our craft as writers/producers.

So not only the stories on this EP are new, but we’ve been experimenting with new melodies, lyrics and of course in our production. You’ll still hear our own unique LIANA sound, but different.

What are you two working on next?

Well we’re still writing new music, so that won’t stop.
We’re also in the works of designing our first launch of our LIANA wear. Besides that we can’t tell you too much, just keep your eyes and ears open.

What else do you have planned in 2019?

There will be a few shows which will be announced soon and there will be new lookbooks, which we are very excited for, because it is really an elongation of our music.


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