Dead Nature explores past anxieties and future ambitions in his debut single ‘In My Heart’

* Single art photo credit: Joe Wills

In My Heart‘ is the debut single from England-based rock artist Dead Nature. Taking inspiration from his own personal life, In My Heart takes the listener on a journey of self-exploration as Dead Nature explores “past anxieties and future ambitions,” explains Tarek [the artist behind Dead Nature].

Speaking on the first taste of Dead Nature’s forthcoming debut EP, Dead Nature explains how he has “been facing a lot of” his own “past on this record.”

“The process has been similar to that of my younger years where I was writing songs quite quickly, using instincts and gut feelings to propel the creative process.”

“These songs explore ideas of loneliness and breaking away from your past, whilst challenging the notion of pride and the line between self-respect and egotism,” Dead Nature concludes.

It is not every day you hear a finely tuned anthem put together which also happens to be a debut single. If In My Heart is any indication of what Dead Nature has to offer, then his debut EP is going to be one to watch out for. Stay tuned for more closer to the release.

Dead Nature’s ‘In My Heart’ will be released on all platforms from 19th June via Dead Nature Records.


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