Anna Lunoe takes you on a journey to the ‘Right Party’ in her brand new sophomore EP

Anna Lunoe has been making hits for years, so Anna doesn’t need a re-introduction per se from me, however, just a little refresher for those who do not know who Anna is or what Anna has been up to since the releases of her 2018 smash hits ‘Badass‘ and ‘Blaze of Glory‘.

Anna has been busy as of late, she has been playing a run of festivals and gigs worldwide, producing music, running her own ‘HyperHouse’ initiative and radio show, Twitch series and also taking care of her own child, just to name a few.

However, when 2019 kicked in, Anna Lunoe gave fans a taste of what was to come off of her forthcoming sophomore four-track EP with the release of ‘303‘, which was received quite well and remixed by the likes of Ninajirachi, Odd Mob and Jay Robinson just to name a few from Australia and abroad, and also the follow-up single ‘What You Need.

“This song is really exciting for me because it was one of the quickest songs I’ve ever made, and has re-inspired me to focus on super playable, simple, ravable, rowdy weird club music.” — Anna Lunoe on ‘303’

However, this past weekend saw the release of the highly anticipated Anna Lunoe sophomore four-track EP, with two others tracks, ‘Right Party‘ and ‘Creep‘ yet to be heard by Anna’s fans. Well, now you can listen to the remaining two tracks for your self, which feature more of what you would expect from Anna Lunoe; lots of electronic beats, dance beats, pop beats and more beats, also vibes and soothing, sweat vocals from Anna throughout the tracks.

Anna Lunoe is good and there really isn’t much else to say.

Anna Lunoe’s ‘Right Party’ EP is out now via Sweat It Out and Mad Decent


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