Beth Macari is a pop artist out of Newcastle and soon Beth will be releasing her brand new single ‘One More Time’, a beautiful piano ballad for those that have lost someone close to them. However, before the release of the single on 21 June, I wanted you to get to know Beth Macari.

Beth Macari explains why she is a fan of Aretha Franklin, Anne Marie, old school boy bands, Dua Lipa, has admiration for BBC Radio’s Gaby Roslin, why music is her biggest release and much more in the new ‘What I’ve Been Listening To’.

What is on your ‘Must Listen To’ list and why?

Aretha Franklin, she has heavily influenced my singing and is a huge inspiration to me. I love all of her music! The middle 8 in ‘Chain of fools’ is my absolute favourite section of a song ever written!

And of more recent artists, Anne Marie, I think she is great! She is super talented, funny and very relatable.

Which are your guilty pleasure songs?

I love a good sing along to the old school Boy Bands! Some of my favourite tunes are ‘Everybody’ by ‘The Backstreet Boys’ and ‘Keep on Moving’ by FIVE.

Which song would you have liked to feature on?

My instinct would tell me to say Aretha’s version of ‘You’re all I need to get by’. I love that song, I have sang it for years and I could never grow tried of it.

But more recently I would say New Rules by Dua Lipa. It is a great tune, and so much fun to sing.

Which song of yours would you recommend to a first time listener and why?

My single ‘CLONE’. Its a very honest song about being replaced by someone who looks similar to you, dresses similar to you etc.

I think it shows off my more sassier side, and it was my first single to get National Radio support. I am so grateful and lucky that Gaby Roslin has supported my music the way she has, ‘Clone’ received BBC London ‘Track of the week’ and Radio Two support because of Gaby. She is SO lovely!

What keeps you making music?

It is my biggest release, I am a very honest writer so I find it therapeutic. Music is a huge part of my life, it always has been, I know this is deep but without singing i’m not really sure who I would be. I love it so much.

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