Crooked Spies vent a bit from an optimistic view point in their new single ‘Chasing Light’

Here is a great new rock anthem from a four-piece out of Alberta, Canada. Their name is Crooked Spies and their brand new single is titled ‘Chasing Light‘.

Fronted by brothers Dylan and Steven, Crooked Spies’ Chasing Light sees the four bring together a solid anthem that not only showcases a song the band “wanted to write for a long time both lyrically and musically” but also shows allows the band to vent “a bit but from a somewhat optimistic view point.”

I wanted to share this single because it is not trying to be anything other than a down, right dirty garage rock anthem with a lot of vocals and heavy noises, which a bit of punk vibes too. It actually reminds me of ‘One More‘ from the band Hide Your Eyes. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.


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