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As we move ever so closer to the release of electronic artist Lupa J‘s forthcoming debut album, the Sydney-based music maker has given fans a fresh taste of what’s to come with her brand new beat-heavy single ‘Pull Me Under‘.

Essentially used as a platform for Lupa J to continue to go through her own healing process and following on from the release of the ‘The Crash‘ earlier in 2019, Lupa J has seemed to move towards a much more heavier sounding route since the release of her track Numb back in 2016, however, that is not a bad thing.

Speaking on the release of the forthcoming album, Lupa J explains how the album is “about the reckless and desperate feeling that came before I figured out how to take steps towards healing and actual happiness”, also explaining how she is “wanting to throw” herself “into new and risky situations” so she can “feel completely consumed by something – a person, emotion, desire, intoxication – anything that” isn’t her “reality.”

If Pull Me Under is any indication of what is to come from the rest of Lupa J’s forthcoming debut album, then count me interested.

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