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Following on from the release of Ea’s hit debut EP ‘Fragile But Strong As Hell‘ earlier in 2019, Danish pop artist Ea Kaya has returned with another sweet addition to her already strong stable of tracks with the release of ‘Cruel To Be Kind‘, a song that was essentially created for a dear friend of Ea’s.

Speaking on the creation of ‘Cruel To Be Kind’, Ea explains how the inspiration for the single came after she saw a close friend of hers “drowning in frustration” and “feeling like nothing was going right at the time”, and so he “desperately tried to find a way to forget his reality.”

“It was awful to watch, because he’s a gifted person who didn’t cultivate any of his abilities but also because his unhappiness lead to anger that affected his family.”

“His self-pity blinded him to the fact that he was the only one who could actively change his situation and mindset,” Ea concludes.

Since the release of Ea’s debut single in 2017, which is still an Eat This Music favourite, Ea Kaya continues to grow as an artist with a lot more to showcase through her music.


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