Be The Bear’s ‘Mermaid’ is a love song to anyone who struggles with mental illness

Be The Bear is a Swedish artist and recently the Sweden-based alternative pop artist released her brand new single ‘Mermaid‘, a song essentially used as a platform to express a love song to anyone who struggles with mental illness.

Following on from the releases of Be The Bear’s 2018 tracks ‘I Don’t Want To‘ and ‘Ruler‘, Be The Bear has kicked off 2019 with a single that shows off a strong array of bright pop vibes and soothing digital production to accompany the song’s representation of a loving hug.

Speaking on the creation of the Mermaid, Be The Bear explains how the single is “a friendly offering of support.”

“”Mermaid” comes from “the imagery from H.C. Andersen’s Danish folktale, the original Little Mermaid.”

“Did you know, in the original story she sacrificed herself for love, and ended up becoming a whisper on the wind?” Be The Bear explains.

Giving off an entirely different atmosphere to Be The Bear’s previous singles, ‘Mermaid’ also happen to showcase a strong atmosphere of uplifting sound, pleasing vocal overlay from Be The Bear and a touching story all wrapped into this nearly four minute long anthem.


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