Australian/British London-based duo Antony & Cleopatra explain why they are fans of Koffee, NSG, Pitbull & J Lo, ABBA, The Knife, their love for creating music for others to share and much more in the new issue of ‘What We’ve Been Listening To’.

Antony & Cleopatra’s brand new single ‘Why Don’t You Just Call Me‘ is out now. Have a listen below before getting ot know about their favourite musicians.

What is on your ‘Must Listen To’ list and why?

Antony: I’ve been listening to Koffee. She’s 19, from Jamaica and has a really great tone. Toast is one of my favourites from her. Also, a lot of the UK Afro Swing stuff, especially the most recent releases from NSG. They had a recent track called Options that I play A LOT.

Which are your guilty pleasure songs?

Cleopatra: On the Floor – Pitbull & J Lo
Antony: Dancing Queen – ABBA – Antony

Which song would you have like to feature on – either separate or as a duo?

Pass This On by The Knife.

Which song of yours would you recommend to a first time listener and why?

We feel that ‘Why Don’t You Just Call Me’ is the most distilled song of ours to start off with. We knew that there was a special thing about when people were reacting with love from first listen – so we’d best start there and then go to the more esoteric releases after that.

What keeps you making music?

We’ve been making music our whole lives so to keep making is to keep living. But more recently we’ve been really enjoying making music that we love first and foremost and accepting the highs and lows on our own terms. The last few records that we’ve released have been pretty exciting to see a tiny idea become something that people sing back to us at shows and DJs playing in their sets. That’s the ultimate rush and until that dies down we’ll keep doing what we do.

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