Zoey Lily explores being stuck inside your own skin in her new single ‘I Wish I Had A Heart’


Following on from the releases of ‘Not There‘, ‘Last Goodbye‘, ‘More‘ and ‘2thous&8teen Collection‘ in 2018, London-based pop artist Zoey Lily has returned with ‘I Wish I Had A Heart’, and emotional anthem that explores being stuck inside your own skin.

Speaking on the single, Zoey explains how the single is also about “being unable to deal with the outside world” abnd how “everything that is expected from you in society” so you would “rather hide away and basically stop living so no one can judge you anymore.”

“To film the music video, I teamed up with a fine art student who previously had an open heart surgery himself and used parts of the tubes and equipment he still had at home.”

Zoey Lily continues to show why she is one of the best newcomers to the world of music – while still young, she has a lot more to explore learn. Stay tuned for more in 2019.


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