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Taylor Grey is a pop around out of Los Angeles and recently the California native released her new sweet pop ballad titled ‘Intentionally‘.

Following on from the release of 2018’s ‘Grey‘ EP, Taylor Grey has returned with a finely tuned, acoustic pop anthem that essentially explores the story of modern love.

Speaking on the release of Intentionally, Taylor explore show she has “had this song” in her” back pocket for over a year and a half,” where she was “always playing it live at shows, just waiting for the right moment to officially release it.”

“Now, on the Four Corners Tour with The Vamps, couldn’t be a better time to do so.”

This sweet anthem is everything you want in a pop song; the slow building start, the soothing main vocals from Taylor, the story building over time, the recurring lyrics of “ok it’s cool I fuck with you”, “you-you-you-you make me for you” and “o-o-ok how cruel and kind are you?” are great little additions to this refreshing single.


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Twitter: @iamtaylorgrey
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