What I’ve Been Listening To: LYYN

New York’s LYYN explains why she is a fan of Blood Orange x Dev Hynes, Spanish artist Rosalía, James Blake, and reminisces about listening to Bryan Ferry, Chinese pop singer Teresa Teng and Tracy Chapman in her family’s car as a child in the new issue of ‘What I’ve Been Listening To’.

LYYN’s brand new single ‘Our Place‘ is now out via digital streaming platforms.

What is on your ‘Must Listen To’ list lately and why?

My favorite artists right now are Dev Hynes (who performs as Blood Orange) and Spanish artist Rosalía. Dev Hynes is spectacular at creating lush, retro-inspired soundscapes that remind me of my childhood but never become too kitschy – “Hope” is a special one for me. Rosalía makes flamenco-influenced pop music and has a very different musical training than me, so her melodies sound fresh and original.

Which are your guilty pleasure songs?

Honestly, I’m unapologetic about loving certain songs and artists that others might consider too cheesy or overplayed. That being said, as I’ve grown up I’ve found myself gravitating back to the artists my dad introduced me to as a kid – “Mamouna” by Bryan Ferry, “The Moonlight Represents My Heart” by Chinese pop singer Teresa Teng, “Fast Car” by Tracy Chapman. These voices were played to death in my family’s car but now hold a sweet, nostalgic power for me.

Which song would you have liked to feature on?

Any song by James Blake! His work influences me a lot and I’m loving his newest album “Assume Form”.

What keeps you making music?

When I let my mind wander, there are always small details in literature, film, music, daily life, and nature that get lodged in my brain and refuse to let go. Many of my song ideas come from piecing these details together like a collage and asking “what would it sound like if I mixed x with y, z, etc.?”. Creating something new out of the familiar is a big part of why I continue to make music.

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