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Hailing from the West Midlands, Loveday is a reletively new artist that is still making her mark within the music industry. Today is another milestone in her career with the release of Loveday’s debut EP ‘Temporal Experiment No.1‘, a four-track EP that explores adventure, relationships, emotions, first love, different stages of love, and emotional journeys all wrapped within this four-track EP that comes in at under 20 minutes.

Speaking on the release of the EP, Loveday explains to Eat This Music how the EP is “about means many things to” her, with a running theme throughout the EP about “young love.”

“All the tracks are written about relationships, I find this to be the easiest subject to write about because it is linked to so many emotions.”

While “each song on” the EP “was created in a different way”, Loveday explained how she liked “to keep changing the ways that” she was “writing as she tended “to get bored easily.

On the release of ‘Bathtub’, Loveday explained to Eat This Music how she wrote the single “alone at home and produced a very rough version” which she “then took the demo into a first session with producer, Pete (Peter & Kerry),” where they both “worked for hours on chord progressions, synth sounds and so much more until we came up with the version of ‘Bathtub’” that is is now out.

Continuing on about the other singles on the EP, Loveday adds, “Both ‘Stay Loyal’ and ‘Thought it through’ were written in a session with producer, JD,” where they “had no particular order of doing the melody/lyrics/instrumental, it was all sort of going on at once, but Loveday liked this “way of working,” where you “can just bend anything anyway you like so that it fits.”

As for ‘Fire’ goes, Loveday holds a special place in her hart for the song, as Loveday explains, she has “always loved this song, both the Springsteen and Pointer Sister’s versions.”

“I thought it [Fire] would be really cool if I could make this song my own, the lyrical content fits with my style of writing so I knew it wouldn’t be out of place if put together with my original songs.”

“Like ‘Bathtub’ I worked out a version at home then took it to the studio where we came up with a dark sound that I absolutely love,” Loveday continues.

Speaking on why Loveday only wanted the EP to include for songs, Loveday expressed how she “liked the idea of keeping this EP short and sweet.” Loveday ended up choosing her “favourite four songs from the past two years of studio sessions to round up this chapter of” her career, as the young artist is essentially entering her “twenties this year and this EP is kind of like a tribute to” her own “teenage years, the songs sum up where my head’s been at between the ages 17 and 19.”

2019 looks to be a massive year as Loveday plans on “releasing new singles later on this year” and “without giving too much away,” she is currently “working on a new sound.”

“This new sound is not completely different to the music I’ve released already but as I’m growing up, my musical interests are changing as is my preference in instrumentation.”

“I want my music to grow and change with me, which is why I’d like to go for something a bit different,” Loveday adds.

Just a small portion of Loveday’s 2019 includes “supporting Caitlyn Scartlett at The Waiting Room in London on the 4th July.”

Stay tuned for more.


‘Bathtub’ is about a bath I shared with my boyfriend (shocking, I know), it was such an intimate and relaxing moment which I thought deserved a song, I was so loved up so the song just sort of wrote itself.

‘Stay Loyal’ is about a past relationship and some serious trust issues, I wanted the song to express my frustration towards the situation. It’s also about being fed up with someone’s bullsh*t (to put it bluntly).

‘Thought It Through’ is a weird one. I originally started writing it about when I was moving to London to go to uni and how that effectively ended my relationship at the time. However, I didn’t end up going to uni in the end but the relationship still didn’t survive. It was a confusing time for me, which I think really works with the music as the song is written in 6/8, it was the first song I’d ever written outside of the standard 4/4 time signature and I found that the whole process at the beginning made my head spin, just like the situation I was writing about.

As for ‘Fire’, the song was originally written by Bruce Springsteen, to me it seems pretty self-explanatory but I guess only Bruce himself can say for certain what the song it about!


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