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LIE LOW – Nicole and Jordan – is an alternative rock band out of Victoria and recently the Melbourne duo released their first single ‘Manic‘, a song that essentially came about when Nicole become “fascinated by the idea of self destructive couples” and began “writing from the perspective of someone inside a relationship like that.”

Going into detail about the single, Nicole of LIE LOW explains how one of her favourite lyrics from the track was “’The way you darken my door, I don’t want to see the light’ as it is “the most personal in a song where” Nicole was “trying on a new persona.”

“It’s funny, the track has been described as ‘all smeared makeup and vindictive texts’ in its first review and that was exactly the kind of trivial chaos I was going for. “

Speaking on the creation and production of ‘Manic’, Nicole explained how she “was experimenting with how” she wrote songs. Nicole adds, “After spending years co writing as a hardcore band it was very strange breaking away from it and attempting to develop things solo.” The production aspect of the single “began with a drum loop and a vocal line that was so different from anything” Nicole had “ever tried.”

Going into the studio was no different, as Nicole explains how she “went into the studio with the intention to see how” the duo could “develop the song as a unit with” their “producers and it was essentially a test run to see how compatible” they “were together,” Nicole explains. And then just in “two days we brought to life a track that surprised us all.”

Nicole wanted to achieve something with the release of ‘Manic’, as Nicole explained to Eat This Music, at first she “just wanted to see how one of these little songs” she wrote in her “room would sound with some production.” and how excited she was “to have a go at something different.”

“Once the track was done I knew this was the path I wanted to take and forming the duo with Jordan was the biggest motivator to pursue releasing this and all of the other music we’ve since created.”

2019 looks to be a big year for LIE LOW as the duos “next single ‘Edges’ will be out very soon” and they “recently shot a music video around Melbourne with” their “old friend Warwick Hughes from Sink Or Swim Productions.”

Also stay tuned for “more music” and “gigs” and possibly a forthcoming “EP.”


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