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Following on from the releases of ‘That Would Be A Lie‘ and ‘If It Makes You Feel Better‘ in 2019, the duo of KIRA have returned with the release of their brand new single vocal heavy synth-pop anthem ‘Wanna Go Back‘.

Speaking on the release of ‘Wanna Go Back’, KIRA explains how “this song” originally “started life one night in” Los Angeles, “looking out over the lights of the Hollywood Hills.”

“It’s [Wanna Go Back] about getting to a point near the end of a relationship where things aren’t the same anymore. Wishing you could go back to the start, if only for a moment, to feel the way you used to.”

Taking inspiration of 70s synth-pop classics, KIRA continue to showcase this overarching story of tragic love through their brilliant use of minimal instrumentals and soothing vocals.


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