I first discovered Elohim back in 2017 with the release of her single ‘Skinny Legs‘, since then I have become a massive fan of the Los Angeles-based electronic artist whom I have played on the radio program – many times – and features on the website. I believe Elohim is an important artist, not just because Elohim creates fantastic music – which I will share below – but because Elohim seems to put a lot of effort into her own story and wants other people to join her on the journey of life.

After having released singles like ‘Eclipse‘, Fuck Your Money, Buckets and many others, it is hard not to be a fan of Elohim; whom has also gone on to release two EPs and an album, tour the world, work with Alison Wonderland, release a whole bunch of music videos, and grow her fanbase immensely.

However, today sees the release of a brand new EP from Elohim titled ‘Braindead‘; which is an EP all about exploring “the the beautifully broken minds of humans”showcased throughout this seven track offering, explains Elohim.

Going into detail about the creation of Braindead, Elohim explains how other than the EP giving the listener the opportunity to explore “the beautifully broken minds of humans,” Elohim also explained how the EP is about it also touches on about facing “the challenges and struggles of mental health issues.”

“We all see the world differently. Braindead is a musical tapestry that I made for people to listen to and hopefully explore their hearts, mind, and the world they live in with less fear, more clarity, and less self judgement.”

This EP has a story to tell, which it does well with the songs ‘Running‘, ‘Pills‘, ‘Meditation Medication‘, ‘Braindead‘ and ‘Metamorphine‘; all songs that not only showcase Elohim’s fantastic vocals, but also enhances the listening experience with a large world of indulgence.

One of the great things about the EP is not only does Elohim bring an important story to the forefront within the seven singles, but Elohim also provides one of the best covers of an iconic single which also happens to feature AWOLNATION.


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