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Back in 2017 I first came across Swedish pop artist LUNE when she released her cover of ASAP Rocky‘s L$D; since the release of that cover Lune had kept relatively quiet – while also working on music – until the release of her new single ‘Don’t Speak‘, which came out today.

Going into detail about the release of ‘Don’t Speak’, LUNE expressed how she loves “the idea of creating a direct link to the audience” and herself, while also “inviting” an “instant communication where people can come” along for a journey with her “and experience what” she is “experiencing in real-time,” which creates a direct like between herself “and the listener.”

“‘Don’t Speak’ moves like a warm wave through my body, making me dance from the inside out. When I sing, you can see soft orange lasers beaming from my mouth.”

2019 looks to be a big year for LUNE with hopefully more music to come – as I don’t want to wait another two years to hear LUNE’s fantastic voice again.

Don’t Speak is essentially a dark, slow-buolding, vocally beautiful three minute and 21 second atmospheric anthem and I hope you enjoy it.

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