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Here is a sweet new electro-pop anthem from Swedish alternative artist Hildur Höglind titled ‘Further Apart‘ – the second Swedish pop anthem I have seemed to be pushing today; after the return of LUNE.

Following on from the 2018 release of Hildur’s ‘Steal Her Away‘ and ‘Colour Queen‘, Hildur has returned with another slow-building, vocally beautiful anthem that essentially explores the notion of being further apart and creating a tale of lost love.

Speaking on the release of ‘Further Apart’, Hildur explains how the story is about “two people who are falling out of love with each other” but are also very “reluctant to end the relationship” as there is “nothing obviously wrong with it.”

There seems to be a theme with these Swedish pop anthems where these artists just know how to create these strong, slow-building tracks full of beautiful vocals and soothing atmospheres. I hope you enjoy this new single as much as I did.

Both image credits: Bjorn Lindberg


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