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Coming off the release of his forthcoming EP ‘Midas‘, New York-based pop artist Dylan Emmet has returned with a foot tapping anthem that explores the ins and outs of relationships.

Eat This Music has the opportunity to speak to Dylan about the release of ‘Some Things Don’t Change’. Going into detail about the single, Dylan explains his feeling on the single, “at the end of every relationship, I tell myself that if it’s meant to be,” explains Dylan. Dylan adds, “we will find our way back to each other eventually. I think it’s partly a way I cope with the loss before fully moving on.”

“We’ve all experienced life getting in the way of a love that, under different circumstances, might have been great.”

““Some Things Don’t Change” is my reverie about finding love in familiar places. I guess I want to believe that sometimes, two people need to misplace each other in order to realize that they were meant to be all along,” Dylan concludes.

Having given fans a taste of is Midas EP and his own music with the releases of Lie 2 You, Memory and Always Been You, the New York native explains how his own personal life was an influence on his new single, Dylan explains how he has “gone back and forth so many times in” his own “life about fate and destiny.”

Dylan continues, “The majority of the time, I feel certain that everything happens for a reason. I’ve gone through a few periods of seriously doubting and questioning that over the past few years. I think writing this song was me firmly saying, I do believe that I will end up exactly where I’m supposed to be.”

With a couple of more tracks to go before the release of his Midas EP in August, Dylan explains how he had a different single in mind to release prior to this one, adding how he “did end up switching the order of” the “releases because of this song.”

“I wrote and produced “Some Things” very quickly. In about one week the whole thing was done. It was such a vibe, I decided to go with that flow and just push it out as the next single.”

Speaking on the release of the forthcoming Midas, Dylan explains how he is “going to keep dropping a new single every month until the “Midas EP” comes out in early August.” And then the “night after “Midas” comes out,” Dylan will also be “doing a big release show in New York City.”

2019 looks to be a big year for Dylan Emmet, as Dylan explains, he is “just trying to release as much music as possible” and how excited he is to “begin performing a lot more too!” Dylan explains how he also has “a new artist project that is very hush hush.”

The new project is “called NIMBVS and it’s totally different than” his own “solo stuff. I’m pumped to start showing people that other side of what I’m doing.”

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