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Here is a cool soothing rock track from a British rock four-piece (Joey, Martin, Joe and Louis) band out of the UK called ‘DROOL‘, this is London band’s brand new single ‘Junkyard‘ and it is essentially about a conversation between two people,” explains the band.

Going into detail about the song’s story, frontman Joey Rogers out of London four-piece explains how the single additionally explores two people – “one” person who is “asking for help and” the other person who is “unwilling to listen.”

“It’s based on a conversation I had with a friend. I liked the imagery of someone being inside a graveyard of old cars and appliances being cast aside and left to rot.”

A couple of great things noticeable about this single is the use of slow building instrumentals to the lead up to the first lyrics of the single and the additional Grunge/Rock-esq world of sound throughout the entirety of the three minute and 14 second runtime. That guitar solo from 2:51 onwards towards the climax of the single is a nice touch too.

DROOL are a band I am looking forward hearing more from soon. Stay turned for more music closer to the release of the EP.

Junkyard comes off the release of DROOL’s forthcoming EP, due out for release in May.


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Instagram: _droolmusic

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