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Today sees the release of Nashville-based pop artist Daniella Mason‘s brand new single ‘Get Me Out Of My Head‘, a song that serves as a platform for Daniella Mason to give fans a fresh tasty bite of what is to come off her forthcoming EP.

Coming off the release of Daniella’s ‘Mental State‘ EP, due out for release in Spring, Daniella Mason has released a song that not only essentially explores “a cry for help”, explains Daniella, but also showcases a change of pace musically form her previous release.

Going into detail about Get Me Out Of My Head, Daniella Mason explains how within its three minute and 13 second runtime, Get Me Out Of My Head explores the secondary notion of somehow getting back into her own body “and back into reality.”

“It [Get Me Out Of My Head] outlines the extremes my mind can go to, but then it also highlights the glimpses of light that work their way in and show me the way out again.”

Having already given fans a taste of whats to come off her forthcoming Mental State EP with the release of Deepest of Wells, Daniella Mason showcases a great a much more bouncer, up-beat pop offering that shows off a strong differential take on her music in the lead up to her Spring release.

Speaking on the release of Mental state, Daniella Mason explained how her own personally “journey through” her “emotional state and past pain lead” her “straight to” her own “brain where all of” her “memories were stored, causing” Daniella “to have to face some things up there.”

“Previously, my mind had been a place I had only gotten lost in, essentially making me afraid to go there… It’s been a new experience for me, and I hope these EPs continue to reveal more and more of what’s been hidden.”

Get Out Of My Mind is now out via digital streaming platforms.


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