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Alexa Villa is an indie-pop artist out of California and over the weekend the Los Angeles native released her new single ‘Taking Names‘.

Following on from the release of ‘Love Me Right‘ earlier in 2019, Alexa Villa’s Taking Names is a song essentially about “reverse sexism” within the music industry explains Alexa.

“My experience in the industry and the expectations and underestimation of young women inspired this song.”

Going into detail about the creation of Taking Names, Alexa Villa explains how the single also additionally explores the story of a “reincarnated “haunted” Marilyn Monroe, who was objectified and has come back for revenge.”

Having taking time to create the single and put a lot of thought into it, Alexa Villa explains how being “an independent woman in a big city,” she “often” at times felt “tension from men who invite” her “to the studio to “work” and in turn have ulterior motives.”

Blending a mix of pop, indie vibes and instrumentals, Alexa has put together a solid anthem that gives her more than enough time to “show “men who challenge or doubt” her “abilities due to anything other than sheer talent or creativity,” how great of an artists Alexa Villa actually is.

Alexa sent through this single to Eat This Music and we are glad she did – as 2019 looks to be a big year for the indie artist and we want to come on the ride with her.


Facebook: theAlexaVilla
Twitter: @theAlexaVilla
Instagram: thealexavilla

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