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E For Echo is a pop four-piece out of New South Wales and recently – as of last Friday – the Sydney-based artists released their brand new single ‘Oh Boy‘, a song that essentially explores the story of being “invalidated” by other people’s opinion, explains Jenna and Zana.

Going into detail a bout the new single, Jenna and Zana explain how their “are so many stories that go untold in creative industries” and how sometimes it “seems that only now there is a real platform for them starting to emerge in the music biz.”

“Oh Boy is about one person’s story being invalidated by someone else’s opinion. Sure, freedom of speech is the best! But jumping up to speak is pretty useless without a willingness to truly listen first.”

Following on from the release of their debut EP ‘Dreamers‘ in 2018, the four-piece out of Sydney have returned with a single that not only works as a platform for the two of them to explore the story of invalidation, but the nearly five minute offering showcases Jenna and Zana’s great work as dreamy artists full of soothing melodies and witty lyrics – even if they do contain profanity – highlighted by delicate instruments and atmospheric smoothness.


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