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Following on from the release of CRAY’s smash hit single ‘Fractions‘ in 2018, the electro-pop artist has returned with another jam that essentially explores the dark side of her mind.

“The line ‘not all queens wears crowns’ was the line I wrote the song around when I came up with it,” explains Cray.

“I believe that we can all be ‘queens’…or a boss without having to wear a traditional crown.”

Going into more detail about the single, CRAZY explains how CRAY “wanted to show a darker side of” herself, however, CRAY also wanted to “create something people could dance to and have fun with.”

CRAY is an interesting artist and If CRAY continues to creates these dark, eccentric pop anthems full of vibes and feelings that showcase her great style as a songwriter, CRAY will be one to watch in 2019. Stay tuned.


Twitter: @craysounds_
Instagram: cray

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