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A Me B is a pop artist out of England and back in November the Manchester-based singer/songwriter released her debut EP ‘Wade Awake‘, featuring “3 songs plus a remix” full of emotions, beats and exploration through stories, A Me B essentially used her debut release as a platform for the young artist to express herself “pulling together from some of” her own “observations and experience of life and love, through lyrics and digital instrumentals.

With the EP being “about growth in awareness of our surroundings” and how it is also “about challenging issues which are emerging or have gone unchecked for years.” A Me B went into detail about the EP, explaining to Eat This Music about how it has “been a little while since” she “last shared anything [music] and how she “felt that the time was right.”

“I’ve had a few years to learn and grow and live life and I’m back with a real desire to share my music. As a DIY artist, you can find yourself keeping busy and losing sight of what’s important.”

“I wanted to step off the treadmill for a while and explore different ways of being creative. I’ve enjoyed developing my production techniques and working with new collaborators,” A Me B continues. “I’m also enjoying DJing very much at the moment, it’s teaching me a lot about how audiences react to different sounds.”

Working in collaboration with “a talented team of producers and engineers” who had worked with A Me B “to create the songs,” sometimes during the creative process the “ideas come from a vocal hook that pops into your mind or a melody that” she pulled “together whilst listening to a drum loop on repeat.”

“These songs came from three different ideas that I wanted to write about. I developed the lyrics and melody first over a basic instrumental track and then we set to work developing the instrumentation and production etc.”

Speaking on why there were only four songs on the EP, A Me B explained how that was done on purpose and how the EP is meant to be “a snapshot of what” she was working on at the time. Adding, how the EP “was never going to be released as an album, it’s was always going to be an opportunity for” A Me B “to connect with people who have supported” her “for many years, without having to wait many more years to do it.”

2019 looks to be a busy time for A Me B as she is “always refining old songs and working on new material” and essentially “looking forward to returning to the studio in the Spring and look forward to performing these songs live this Summer.”

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