Daniella Mason continues her journey through her emotional state and past pain in her new single ‘Deepest of Wells’

Daniella Mason has given fans a taste of what’s to come off her new EP ‘Mental State‘, which is used as a platform for Daniella to explore her own mental health “and past pain” which lead straight to her brain “where all of” her “memories were stored, causing” her “to have to face some things up there.”

“Previously, my mind had been a place I had only gotten lost in, essentially making me afraid to go there… It’s been a new experience for me, and I hope these EPs continue to reveal more and more of what’s been hidden.”

While Deepest of Wells touches on a topic of importance, instrumentally it is a nice, new smooth atmospheric track from of dark, deep, synth-based melodies and atmospheric vibes – from this Nashville-based pop artist that showcases Daniella’s impressive skillset of music maker and storyteller.

Coming off the release of her second EP, due out for release in May, Daniella Mason has put together a solid follow up from her 2018 EP ‘Emotional State‘.


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