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Nia Wyn is a soul artist out of the UK and today sees the release of London native’s brand new single ‘Last Laugh’, a song essentially about “some of the liars that pop up in the music industry,” explains Nia.

Following on from the release of her previous single ‘Lately (I’ve Been Thinking)‘, Nia explains how the inspiration for the single came from her own experiences in life, as how she “had many people chat rubbish and make grand promises about what they can do for” her career and “when you’re so hungry for success you listen to them and then you’re left feeling lost when they lose interest in you.”

“Last Laugh is also about women who claim to support other women but really are just using that line because it’s fashionable and just want to use you.”

“Finally it’s also a middle finger to people who doubt you – the feeling when you overcame that and are showing them what you really can do,” Nia concludes.

Taking a different approach to the world of hip-hop and soul music, Nia has put together a solid entry of recurring vibes and lyrics for days.


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