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Michee elevated his success when visiting the Warner Bros offices via being a finalist in a freestyle competition hosted by Run The Mic. This journey was endorsed by Mixtape Madness. Since then he has released two new tracks called Views (Episode 2) and 9 to 5.

Views (Episode 2) depicts Michee’s views on the UK music scene and relative succcess that Michee has experienced. The track begins by two female vocals singing in harmony accompanied by a melodic piano chord progression.

The sound quality in the intro is low in bass qualities and is mainly producing the treble end of the EQ. This effect is different to what you would expect and when it disappears it creates an obvious contrast for the heavy bass drum beat to enter and gain the listeners full attention. Michee’s lyrical rap style flows with much confidence and ease with a slick UK accent to compliment the songs storyline.

9 to 5 was a production in collaboration with producer Jstrngs. The purpose of this song is to decipher the internal feelings and thoughts between balancing and maintaining a regular professional life as opposed to chasing your dreams, in which, in Michee’s case it is. The track makes use of punchy drum beat and repetitious melody on the synthesizer. Michee’s lyrical flow is dominating this entire track with the listeners ear in full attention, listening while he speaks his truth.


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