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FELIN is a pop rock artist out of Sweden and today the Stockholm-based native released her brand new single ‘Black Heart‘, a song essentially about exploring the mind set of a serial killer on the hunt for their next victim.

Going into detail about this modern day big band feel anthem, FELIN explains how when she was writing her album, she wanted to “build it as if it were a movie,” filling it “with dark humour, sex, revenge, love and” a lot of “death.”

The whole album is inspired by a darkness, a passionate and destructive relationship with life and the constant reminder that everything is just on loan for a brief moment.”

“There is something so damn beautiful about that,” FELIN concludes.

Coming off the release of the aforementioned album is the brand new single ‘Black Heart’, a big band pop that explores “what goes on in a serial killer’s head,” explains FELIN. Specifically the time “when he or she is on the hunt for the next victim.”

“It’s a dark love story about being so obsessed that you can no longer think clearly, nor do you care about the consequences of your actions.”

FELIN’s Black Heart is no tonly an interesting take on the pop rock scene, but it also offers a solid mid of western x modern Tarantino vibes and jazz to boot.


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