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Swedish Promcore duo Girl Crush have returned with a song essentially about blaming the existence of women. Following on from the release of their previous smash hit single ‘Baby Steps‘, London duo Girl Crush this time around explore the pure existence of women.

Going into detail about the brand new single, one half of the duo Ottilia explains how they “wrote the song at the same time as the Brett Kavanagh hearings, and how she “kept looking at the comments on different videos and news stories,” including those “from Natalie Ratajawskiis Instagram to general news,” and she “found the most ridiculous comments going as far as blaming girls for their pure existence.”

“David had started this amazing beat and I started writing. The song is a celebration to women and an ironic punch to people who think less of us.”

Just as fun, beat-heavy and enthusiastic as their preceding singles, Girl Crush continue to belt out this soothing bangers of pop brilliance, and are an act to watch in 2019. 2019 looks to be a big year for the Swedish/British duo. Stay tuned.


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