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Luvia is a pop artist out of the UK and today the Brighton-based native has released her brand new single ‘Hunted’, a song that is essentially about “developing and growing as a person,” explains Luvia.

Going into detail about the single, Luvia explains how she “wanted to explore the themes of isolation present in the lyrics.” With the “juxtapose” of “Luvia’s traversal through a barren, almost alien desert with projector images that flicker in and out in a confined space.”

“Luvia’s isolation is a form of growth, a decision to forge her own path. At the end of her journey, she climbs atop a mountain and rediscovers civilization on her own.”

Hunted is used as a platform Luvia to showcase her big vocal range, from the slow parts of the single – which also showcase great instrumentals – to the large parts to emphasis the lyrics and story being told. This three minute and 31 second single is a great showcase of an underrated artist.


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Twitter: @luviamusic
Instagram: luviamusic

Upcoming shows

5th March | Hastings Fat Tuesday festival
4th April | Ivy House, London
14th April | The Burlock, London
4th May | Live at Leeds Festival
5th May | Liverpool Sound City Festival.
9th-11th May | The Great Escape Festival, Brighton.
21/22 July | Tramlines

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