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Following on from the release of powerhouse anthems ‘Badass‘ and ‘Blaze of Glory‘ in 2018, Australian dance music aficionado Anna Lunoe has returned with a brand new single, which is essentially used as a platform for Anna to explore more simplistic, house bangers.

Going into detail about the single, Anna Lunoe explains how making music is weird for her, “sometimes it feels really impossible and other days it happens so easily.”

“This song is really exciting for me because it was one of the quickest songs I’ve ever made, and has re-inspired me to focus on super playable, simple, ravable, rowdy weird club music.”

“It reminded me how fun making club bangers can be and I hope it makes you feel all those things,” Anna concludes.

2019 looks to be a big year for Anna with more music down the line, and it if they are as fun and feel good as 303, then the year ahead is going to be smooth.


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