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HARLEY – Cade Enslin (synth and vocals), Kimo Kaheiki-Combs (drums), and Tristan woods (bass) – is a three-piece out of Washington and recently the Seattle-based pop band released their brand new single ‘Backseat‘.

Speaking on the creation of Backseat, Harley tells Eat This Music how “BACKSEAT” “is a term that” they band used “a lot” and how it is an “idea that something, someone, or a thought / idea is following you” and how it is “something that you can’t mentally shake.”

“BACKSEAT is about a girl I [Cade] dated, and a couple years after we broke-up, popped back into my head and I couldn’t shake her. Out of nowhere I started missing her and all these things in Los Angeles reminded me of her – which was crazy because LA and she were at two completely different points in my life.”

“She was in the backseat of my mind always. BACKSEAT is about that,” Cade continues and adds, “I was living in LA and she came to visit the area with her friends, but she didn’t mention it to me, and for some reason that was enough for me to question a lot.”

“So BACKSEAT plays back that relationship and feelings of it all – like the entirety of me knowing her almost,” Cade concludes.

“It was really cool to write a fully loaded song [emotional] with the guys like that. We based it around some slang that we feel like we coined and that is so deeply rooted in our vocabulary.”

I had a follow up to what BACKSEAT was about and why the band wanting to release it, Tristan explains: “I think BACKSEAT details and portrays this weird yet very real side of a relationship that doesn’t get talked about much. The part where emotions get involved yet you’re still trying to play it cool. It’s a super confusing stage.”

“The lyrics show a mental side to romantics while the melody and instruments play off of this low-key vibe. We wanted to release it to talk about the idea of finding the balance between the insecurities of your emotions and trying to be perceived as nonchalant.”

Tristan continues to explain how the band “wanted to show that overthinking everything at the beginning and end of relationships is normal” and how “emotions are always the needy side of you, but its how you handle it.” The band “wanted to bring it up like ‘Hey, we all just want to be loved so why does it feel weird?”

2019 looks to be a big year for HARLEY as they “are currently in the studio working on” their “next song called BABE, I’M A MESS with Abe Dimare as well.”

Kimo from HARLEY tells Eat This Music how the band “are always writing and always planning next steps for releases” and how excited they are to see how “BACKSEAT does and how BABE, I’M A MESS plays off of that.”

“These songs are like brother and sister, because they are so different, but take on the same theme in completely different ways. We are really stoked and confident in both of these songs,” Kimo concludes.

“We don’t want to release something just to release something so we always take extra steps to make sure we love it and that it will be loved. We’re always moving forward. We’re excited and expectant. Oh and shows show shows. We have several upcoming that we can’t announce yet.”

The band also plan to “drop at least 4 more songs with a possible EP,” with the band “becoming very focused on content release and being choosy about what” they want to release.


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