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DEE MASH is an electronic artist out of Illinois and recently the Chicago-based native released his brand new single ‘City of Dreams’, a song essentially about the journey of an artist – metaphorically – trying to make it big in Los Angles, explains DEE.

Following on from the release of LIV in 2018, DEE has returned with another solid offering that showcases his great production work as an artist, going into detail about his currently single, DEE explains how he “had the basic track structure/idea built out.”

“I love orchestral instruments and guitars, so at the time I was messing with that guitar sound you hear over the chord stack.”

“Then I ended up reaching out to Lyon Heart and he hit me back right away saying he loved it. Later on, we wrote & finalized the track, which came together beautifully,” DEE concludes.

Speaking on why DEE wanted to release a single about chasing your dreams, so to speak, DEE explained how he “almost released it two years ago” however, he “always kept waiting for the right moment since it’s like” his “body.” Dee explains, “I was too close to it, so I decided that after being supported by many artists, it was time to let it go in 2019.”

With any songs, personal experience comes into play and influences songwriting, DEE was no different, as he explained to Eat This Music how he “wanted to write about something other than a love/heartbreak song.”

“I was in LA on vacation trying to get away from the Chicago winter. Lyon reached out asking what direction I wanted to take it in and the phrase, “City Of Dreams”, came to my mind, and the rest was history.”

2019 looks to be a busy year for the 23-year-old out of Chicago, Illinois, as DEE is “currently working on a feature with a very talented artist that” he is “so excited about showing” everyone, however, “at the moment” he cannot “reveal more but stay tuned!”


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