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Aston Whylie is a pop artist out of South Africa and recently the pop artist released his brand new single ‘Broken and Beautiful‘ a song that explores a person who finds them self in a hole, lonely and essentially, broken on the inside.

Recently speaking to Aston about the single, Aston explained to Eat This Music in depth about what the single is about, “I am trying to convey a message that no matter how broken we can feel, you will always be beautiful and that there is always a light of hope somewhere in something.”

Going into detail about the creative process of Broken and Beautiful, Aston explained how in his “previous projects” he had “always written, produced and released the music” himself, however, “on this occasion” he “decided to write a bunch of music, make the demos and take it to some independent producers that” he “really loved!”

“I had the song recorded and produced at Pupkult in October 2018 with Ewald Van Rensburg and Dolf Willemse, it was amazing to have the song dissected, rearranged and taken to the next level by those wizards. I was there the whole time and I loved the experience!”

While the single does touch on someone that is broken inside, Aston explains how some of his own life played a part in the creation of the single, speaking on the personal ties to the single, Aston expresses how “after 25” the “last thing” he “wanted to do was tell someone” he “was having a bad day,” he “internalised a lot which over time” had im learn that “really doesn’t help, it just made” him “feel alone.” However, Aston “eventually opened up and realised that we all go through ups and downs and that it actually is OK, it’s life.”

Why did Aston want to release a song about broken individuals? Well, according to Aston explains how he “had another song in mind to release but during the production process,” Broken and Beautiful “stood out as the most relevant.”

Aston continues, “I found that 2018 was branded (at-least socially) as an extremely tough year for a lot of people so I wanted to start off 2019 by introducing the idea of positivity going forward.”

“I wanted to release something relatable that everyone can identify with, whether you’re the person who feels alone and needs that extra bit of positive reinforcement to reach out OR the person on the other side, who can listen, support and show compassion and understanding to a person in need.

Who exactly is Aston Whylie though? In our chat, Aston explained how he is “a simple guy from a small town in South Africa who has ALWAYS loved music.”

“However to be honest, I never had those big dreams of being a huge artist because I never felt like I had a message,” Aston continues.

Songwriting has been a slow and long process for me but I felt a significant change lyrically and creatively in 2018. I had previously released music for the sake of it, still music I love, but not necessarilly music I was super proud of – I always felt I could do better! I feel that this is the FIRST TIME I am super happy with what i’m conveying and I actually can’t wait for people to hear this music.

2019 looks to be a big year for the artist out of South Africa, as Aston has “shows shows shows” coming up and “3 or 4 more singles” throughout the year, which will be “potentially packaged as an EP” however, “for now we will release each one with maximum effort…”

While Aston has his music career in order, someone more important is happening in his life at the moment, Aston’s life will change forever in July 2019, “AND I am becoming a dad for the first time in JULY so motivation levels are high, I am feeling extremely blessed and I can’t wait to have another person waiting for me backstage!!”


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