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Following on from the release of his hit single ‘No Trouble‘ in late 2018, Los Angeles-based alternative rock musician Josh Beech has returned with ‘Left Behind‘, another acoustic-based offering that is used as a platform for Josh to explore .

Speaking on the release of Left Behind, Josh explains how stoked to finally be releasing ‘Left Behind’” he is. As “this is a song close to” his “heart that made” him “feel all kinds of feels when” he “first wrote” the single on “on acoustic guitar last year.”

“When I initially wrote’ Left behin’d I was a bit lost with how I wanted it to be produced, I felt it had the potential to go many different ways but I knew I didn’t just want it to be an acoustic track and I also didn’t want it to lean too pop.”

Going into detail about his new single ‘Left Behind’, Josh explained to Eat This Music how the single is essentially about “not giving up, it’s for everyone who’s ever felt like they are behind in life because someone else has something that they don’t.”

“It’s a song about standing strong being who you want to be and for anyone who feels like they are in the shadows. “To be invisible isn’t my thing” and it shouldn’t be anyone else’s thing.”

“It’s a song that I felt could connect with other people, and I wanted to share with the world,” Josh continues.

Josh’s own personal life played “a large part” in the creation of Left Behind, as Josh explains how the story told in the single are not “current feelings” as they “are feelings that” he “had in the past when” he “was younger and felt lost and wasn’t really sure of who” he was or where he “was going.”

“All my songs have personal meaning behind them. I don’t just write random words. I look at my music like stories from my life experiences,” Josh concludes.

2019 looks to be a busy year for the Los Angeles native, as Josh is “currently working on recording another single” and after that he will be “going to start rehearsing my new set for some select shows,” with more creating to be done through the year.

“I just wanna create as much as possible this year. I’m a photographer as well so when I’m not making music I’m taking photos. I wanna create as much art as possible and if it speaks to my audience then that’s fucking great.”

Josh Beech is one to watch in 2019. Stay tuned!


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