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Coming off the release of her forthcoming EP ‘Trace‘, due out for release soon, London-based electronic artist Szjerdene has released her brand new single ‘Restart’, a fresh song that essentially about “the realisation that you’re not responsible for another’s happiness” and how “the admission that you once thought you could be.”

The initial bases of the track and forthcoming EP comes from Szjerdene keeping a diary for ten years. Speaking on the release of the single, Szjerdene explains how Restart her own “way of rebooting.”

“I’ve let go of the narratives that held me back for so many years. Today is day one. It’s time to open up and allow life in again, and that begins here, with you.”

It’s kind of ironic that I happen to be sitting here in my living room, with the window open, slightly falling asleep, and listening to Szjerdene’s Restart, which is the song I need in my life right now is actually a song about not being responsible for someone else’s happiness. Szjerdene’s vocals are calming, Szjerdene’s instrumental work is on point (especially that violin) and I enjoy the quietness of it.


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